"objectification in the media involves the portrayal of an individual as someone other than themselves, where as performance/art involves the portrayal of a character (someone other than themselves) by an individual"

- philosophy of the body

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IMPORTANT: These references contains highly sensitive material (primary objectification). The Objectified strongly recommends that you do not visit these references without good reason, but unfortunately this material must be sourced for legal purposes. All women whom these images represent deserve the upmost respect and dignity.

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objectification-topRight-3AD-aphrodites3AD400px-3309_-_Athens_-_StoĆ _of_Attalus_Museum_-_Aphodite_-_Photo_by_Giovanni_Dall'Orto,_Nov_9_2009http://commons.wikimedia.org

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"to be objectified is to be only considered for one's physical worth (to be only considered for one's capacity to produce physically fit children, or for one's capacity to provide for the production of physically fit children)"

- philosophy of the body

The Objectified

(record only available for limited media based primary objectification).

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